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Gumi Hungária Ltd. Rubber manufacturing, rubber productsAbout usWe started the business in 1989 as a private enterprise, and then in 2011 the Gumi Hungária Ltd. was founded. Applied technologiesTechnologiesWe daily apply technologies like pressing, extruding, punching, flask blowing and sponge splitting. Silicone rubber productsProductsSilicone components extruded plastic products and other rubber components belong to our portfolio. GalleryImagesTake a look in our gallery where you can see our factory, machines, products or even our environment. How to reach usContactsTake the old Road Nr 2 or the newer 2/A clearway to get to our factory in the western part of Felsőgöd.

Technical rubber components and rubber products

Products made of natural rubber

- Vacuum tubes, stuffing rubbers used in vacuum technology

- Tube compensators, grommets, rubber mounting that are frequently used when producing technical equipment and in the car industry

- Oil resistant rubber bellows, dust shields and different machine components are used in the car and machine industry.

Our brochure includes the most important types of rubber components we retail.

SBR mixtures (Styrene-Butadiene Rubber):
Rubber components for general use resist max. 60°C water and pH 10 alkali solutions. Both lined and unlined are available. Number of lining levels depends on width. Hardness: 70 +/-5 Shore.

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber):
Temperature and weather resistant, acid and base resistant rubber components. It is UV, glycol and alcohol resistant. Heat resistance is provided between -60°C and +120°C; when needed, and it can be expanded to 150°C. Hardness: 70 +/-5 Shore.

NBR (Nitrile Rubber):
Petrol and oil resistant rubber component. It resists max. 60 °C liquid or gas hydrocarbons, plant oils and greases. Furthermore, it has good fuel and pentane resistance. Hardness: 70 +/-5 Shore.

We take your order even if we need to use a new tool size for your special wish. We are ready to carry it out by using a drawing or a sample, tailored to your needs. We are at your disposal in the case of smaller orders as well as of bigger ones.

Tube compensator, dust shield rubber bellow
Tube compensator, dust shield rubber bellow

Grommets, rubber mounting, stuffing rubber
Grommets, rubber mounting, stuffing rubber